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Superior Performance From Better Technology

Johnson Engineering is led by Paul Johnson, an innovative gear designer with a knack for insight into the long neglected world of American v-twin transmission technology.

The lanky Iowan was a design engineer on the original Polaris Victory motorcycle project, where he first recognized a real need for creative products that could bring out peak performance by maximizing drivetrain components. He saw that while engine and chassis development was progressing at a phenomenal pace, drivetrain performance enhancements were stuck trying to build on a decades old, antiquated spur gear design.

We were very pleased to accept Powersports Business News Nifty 50 Best New Product award for our revolutionary WideGear close ratio gear set and primary extension at the 35th Annual Dealer's Expo this past February in Indianapolis, IN. In making their award, the editors considered a number of factors, including design characteristics, suitability for the marketplace, quality of manufacturing, and overall product integrity.

His years of drivetrain engineering and design experience with major industrial companies gave him the necessary background to introduce cutting edge technology that uses state of the art proven helical techniques, first developed for the industrial and automotive industry, to the American v-twin aftermarket.

The name of that technology? TwistGear, the first product developed for what's become a revolutionary line of precision engineered components for Harley-Davidson style five-speed motorcycle transmissions.

Company Philosophy

Providing innovative solutions that result in superior performance is what Johnson Engineering is all about. The solutions may look unfamiliar — from the breakthrough trapdoor four-point bearings introduced in 2000 to the 2003 self-locking transmission oil seal — but the principles have long been employed throughout the transportation industry.

The core goal of the company philosophy is to design and manufacture only premium products that will enhance the customer's total riding experience. The focus is on the drivetrain, and the methodology is to examine outmoded design components for weakness and implement state-of-the-art replacements that maximize the overlooked potential of efficient transmission design in delivering the legendary Harley power to the ground.


Johnson Engineering's market is the powersports industry, specifically the big twin motorcycle transmission segment. Current products cover both sport and big twin five-speeds and their use in stock to ultra high performance applications, as well as selective technology for four-speed applications.

Creating TwistGear

The energy and driving force behind Johnson Engineering comes from my personal relationship with God. In fact, the most important event in my life is that I have found God. I want to share with you my discovery of life's most important decision.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life."
(John 3:16, from the Bible)

My hope is that you can find Him also. My religious beliefs and moral standards guide us in what we do and how we do it. I strive to put God first in our business. We work to create quality products that exceed people's expectations. It is our goal to offer drivetrain solutions, which make your riding experience more enjoyable.

Paul Johnson

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