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January, 2001

Bulletproof Bearings For Megatorque Engines

four point bearing

Ever wondered what's going on inside that tiny little tranny case when you dump the clutch of your big inch torquer? We've helped ease the worry with this dynamite bearing package.

Johnson Engineering introduces their exclusive four-point bearing sets for all Big Twins (‘87-up) and Sportsters (‘91-up) with transmission trapdoors utilizing main and countershaft locknuts.

A primary source of catastrophic trapdoor failure can be traced to the effects of vibration and the subsequent failure and disintegration of conventional cages constructed with welds or rivets. Our 4-point bearings use cage material of glass fiber reinforced polymide 66, tolerant of oil temperatures up to 250 F and virtually impervious to vibration.


These unique bearings significantly improve the radial load rating over OE deep groove bearings — and they’re also rated for axial load bearing, something OE bearings can’t provide under any circumstances.

The JE-700005 bearing is rated at over 6,500 pounds, which translates into 70% more radial load capacity than stock.

Johnson Engineering Four-Point Bearings are ideal for all stock, modified, or high-performance transmissions using either conventional (spur) gears or TwistGear (helical) components.

To find out more about bearings and how we incorporate them into our technology, check out our main gear bearing tech sheet and detail cutaways!

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