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January 28, 2006

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Retail Price List bug

Short list of most commonly requested items (1/06)

Product Installation instructions

Installing TwistGear, WideGear, and SportGear, plus instructions on installing our exclusive triple-lip oil seal. Also see our online photo sequence for four and five-speed seal installation.

TwistGear Worksheet bug

Technical spreadsheet with ratios, input/output figures for TwistGear modification (3/03)

TwistGear charts bug

Easy to read TwistGear performance data comparing different pulley ratios showing before and after against OEM (11/02)

SportGear info bug

BRAND NEW! oh yeah, baby, we kick that Buell in the afterburner and take the training wheels off 883s! (12/02)

Also check out the SportGear worksheet, a spreadsheet PDF that's all tech

need ratios? bug then download our SportGear upgrade file, with plenty of ratio info, FAQs, and charts

pick up a SportGear tech sheet bug highlights page here

get more details including shifting charts on our SportGear page

TwistGear System's Helical Technology Explained

The newest and most complete addition to our PDF library, with all the details you need to understand why helical is superior to old fashioned spur technology (10/02)

TwistGear tech info bug

set your bike free; tech stuff, what fits what, dimensions, pix

this is how it all got started — for big twins, and now their baby brother Sportsters™ and Buells!

WideGear tech info

want fat? get WideGear! kit contents, handling and performance info

it's the surest, safest, smoothest way yet to go wide!

WideGear postcard

TwistGear installation how-to bug

illustrated TwistGear and WideGear instruction sheet.

Johnson Engineering products bug

what's the real story behind overdrive? the hidden weakness in two-piece countershafts? the secret to acceleration and low rpm at cruising speed?

charts, graphs, tech details and the street story on exactly why helical beats obsolete spur technology hands down. you'll also get a look at our growing line of performance transmission equipment for five speeds and more

here's the info everyone's been looking for...

we stack four different pulley ratios against OEM gearing for a clear picture of TwistGear Big Twin acceleration and cruising rpm performance

you know, those little round things you never think twice about...until you hear them being ground into nasty little filings

think you know bearings? not 'til you've seen ours! read why ours just can't wind up as little grey bits of sharp, jagged metallic chips circulating throughout your tranny

oil seal and spacer info bug

the hows and whys of making oil stay-where-it-belongs

we've put an end to drooling, sloppy, and embarassing tranny slobber, with our exclusive triple lip seal and space age chamfered spacer

join the crowd...the one that doesn't spend two hours every other week cleaning slime off the rear wheel and everything else aft of the seat and below the fender


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